Iced Green Tea Recipe

Recipe for iced green tea? It really is so very easy and economical  to make your own. 

All those wonderful antioxidants that green tea is famous for are in glorious abundance in a cold beverage as well as a hot. 

If you want the health benefits of this beverage in the summer months but can't take the heat then try a glass of iced instead. You can have all the health benefits of green tea but in a cold drink instead. 

I am here to tell you that it is a wonderfully quick and easy recipe that even a fumble fingers like me can master. As the hot summer sun creeps in put your kettle on to boil and brew yourself up a batch. It is a delightfully refreshing summer time drink.

Don't Like the Taste of Green but Want its Health Benefits?

You can use this recipe with any type of tea but because green tea is antioxidant rich and such a healthy beverage I tend to recommend it above other varieties. Green and white tea are my favorites and the ones that I tend to serve in my home. The two tend h…

Pear Cobbler Recipe: Peach if You Prefer

Fruit cobbler is an old country recipe traditionally served as a dessert while peaches or pears are in season. For those who have fruit trees it is a dish that often shows up at harvest time as an after dinner dessert or as a late evening snack. At the peak of the harvest it is a dish commonly taken to share with friends at community events.

Peach cobbler is a dessert recipe that has been welcomed onto supper tables far more times than one can mention. Sweet, delicious, nutritious, and oozing with the juicy goodness that only a great fruit dessert can have. This recipe is generally made using peaches, pears, or apricots but as we have a pear tree in our backyard this is the fruit that we generally put into ours. It is a delightfully refreshing dessert recipe that brings with it all the summertime warmth of a fresh fruit harvest. 

Pear cobbler is a dish that tastes like it has traveled direct from the orchard to the kitchen table. It is delightfully refreshing. So don your apron and lets…

Easter Bunny Stew Recipe

Add a delicious new twist to your Easter meal. What could be more delightful for this spring holiday than a great big bowl of Easter bunny stew.

It is deliciously nutritious and a very novel method of ridding the world of leftover Easter bunnies. So pull out your best pot and prepare to heat up your family a great big scrumptious feeding of bunny stew. This traditional Easter dish is one that the whole family is going to look forward to. The ingredients for this dish are easily adaptable to serve any number of people so if you are expecting company it is still the perfect dish to serve. 

My rabbit stew recipe will serve about 6 but you can easily adjust the ingredients to match the number of people who will be dining on it. Simply use less of the ingredients for fewer people and more if you are planning on feeding a larger group. If you are planning on serving a large number of people you may want to consider using three or four Easter bunnies in your recipe rather than just the two I r…

Coconut Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Oooh these are definitely yummy home baked goodness. Crispy oatmeal with a hint of walnuts and the deliciously sweet texture of coconut all baked into one scrumptious snack. 

If you have cookie monsters in your home then you need to check out this coconut cookie recipe. Tasting similar to the Dad's cookies you find at the grocery store these are good old fashioned country goodness. There is so much more to enjoy about these cookies than simply the fact that they are a tasty tidbit. They are also pretty darn good for you. On rushed morning I often have a couple of these alongside a glass of milk and it gives me the morning energy boost I need.

The ingredient list says it all: Coconut, oatmeal, eggs, and walnuts. All those ingredients have elements in them that are good for you. I love that cookies contain oatmeal because it  is always deliciously nutritious. Oatmeal is a heart healthy food and a soluble fiber that absorbs cholesterol within it to help flush that nastiness out of the …

Restricting how Much Halloween Candy Kids Eat

It's their candy but you want it out of their hands and into yours. So how can a parent tactfully regulate and restrict how much candy a kid eats without looking like the big green Grinch who stole Halloween? It can take a little witchly magic but it is possible.

Yeah, it is that wonderfully sticky sweet time of year again. Time for children to roam the neighborhood streets acquiring all kinds of wonderfully sugar laden treats to eat. They generally arrive back home tired, excited, and more than a little anxious to dig into their treat bags and all that newly acquired candy. ​

Kids would happily sit and munch through the entire bag if it were left up to them so you know that you have to intervene on this plan. It's not an easy task but with a little parental strategy and a whole lot of cunning it is possible to maneuver the candy out of their sticky little fingers and into yours. These tips will teach you the tricks to being a super Sneaky parent.

Check the candy to insure that …

Turkey Stuffing Baked Pan Style

This oven cooked dressing is made outside of the bird so you can make up extra for your Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday meal or prepare this dish on its own any day of the week. 

You can use any pre-cooked chicken or turkey in this recipe and it comes out tasting much like the dressing cooked inside the bird.It is delicious and contains as much meat as you would like to add into it so this dish can be a meal in itself. My stuffing comes out loaded with large chunks of turkey baked into it. It is delicious!
With my recipe for pan style baked stuffing you can use leftover chicken, turkey, or ground sausage to prepare this side dish whenever the mood strikes you. For those who love stuffing but can't get enough in the bird this recipe will work too. Pop an extra pan of stuffing in the oven and you'll have plenty for everyone.
After our main holiday meal I package up my left over turkey into small size freezer bags so I can use it later. Then when we get a craving for turkey stuffi…

Apple Crumble Cake Recipe

We have an organic apple tree in our backyard that provides us with a bounty of fresh fruit ideal for home baking. It insures that I am always cooking up something fruity.

Today I am sharing my apple crumble cake recipe and it is indeed a nutritious and delicious treat. Baking with fruit adds that little extra touch of healthy to a dessert. My tasty apple crumb cake is one of my husbands favorite recipes. It is fluffy soft on the bottom with a burst of flavor on top.

Apples can be crisp, tarty, or sweet, and they taste like a tiny drop of pure heaven when they are baked up into a dessert. One of the best aspects of an apple is its taste but apples are also one of nature's most nutritious foods. They are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber. They are food that is good for you.

To Peel or Not to Peel?
Much of an apple's nutrition is found in or just under the skin and this leaves one to wonder if peeling apples for baking is something we should be doing.

I often try to m…

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