Edible Insects as a Protein Food Source

Edible insects as a protein food source? Not your typical lunch time fare but possibly one day in the future. In our culture edible insects and bugs are considered a rather gross food to be munching on but there are a large number of bugs and insects that are perfectly fine to eat as food.

Many insects and worms are an excellent source of protein and could potentially one day be a viable solution to help solve world hunger. In some cultures these tiny bug sources of protein are already being enjoyed and are routinely eaten as a staple food product.

Edible insects are an inexpensive and abundant food source. Just check out this taste tempting selection of flying creeping crawling bugs and insects and you just may find a few that excite you enough to want to have them wriggle on down past your palate.

There are many cultures who view these edible creatures as a delicacy and a food staple. Insects and worms are generally rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat, and actually quite tasty once they are cooked. There is also a very abundant supply of edible ones which makes insects and bugs a good food source when other food options may be scarce.

The really great news is that many bugs, grubs, worms, and insects are perfectly safe to eat once they have been cooked. Of course there are some insects which can be hazardous to your health so it is always wise to err on the side of caution. It is always advisable to consume insects and bugs that you know are safe to eat.

Always check first to insure that those little critters are edible before you chow down on them. Many insects are intentionally designed to be poisonous as a natural protection against predators. A more modern issue is the use of pesticides which can contaminate the insects who dine on plants containing them. There are more than a few slithery, slippery, slimy, crunchy or munchy bug bodies which could give you a serious tummy ache when you chomp down on them.

As Populations Increase Bugs may be Destined to be Food

Bugs and insects that are generally safe to consume are: Crickets, grasshoppers, grubs, beetle larva, worms, termites, and black ants. There are also many edible beetle varieties. Although we know that bees, scorpions, and tarantulas can be consumed by most individuals, the general rule of insect toxicity is that if a bug is brightly coloured, stings or bites, is furry, or is a carrier of disease (such as a tick or mosquito) then it should not be eaten.

A modern health concern is the risk that insects and bugs we eat may be exposed to pesticides. This is a health concern which our cave man ancestors did not have to worry about in their consumption of insects.

It is always recommended that you cook an insect, worm, or bug before consuming it. Boiling or frying insects and bugs can not only diminish toxins within the creature but can also kill any bacteria which it may be a carrier of.

The old adage of "if in doubt then don't eat it" definitely applies to bugs and insects just as it does to any wild food product that you are unsure as to whether or not it is safe to eat. While most are safe to eat once they are cooked there are exceptions.

Although insects are not a popular food choice in our culture bugs really are a great source of protein. They are economical, abundant, and don't take up a whole lot of space to farm. They fit perfectly in with all the requirements needed to be a viable protein food source. Serving up bug dishes is also a great way to freak out a few folks just because you can. Bugs as food come in very handy for a few very distinctive events. These edible creatures are a cool addition to the buffet table if you are hosting an extremely weird Halloween, Fear Factor, or Goth party. Le' yummy!

You and your friends can enjoy your favourite flavours when you eat. It's the ideal gross food to serve up at your next fear factor or Halloween party. Ah heck, just go on and serve some up at your next elegant tux and tails event, and see who chows down on these edible insects.

There are many reasons to serve up a few tempting insect treats to your family and friends but I guess that currently the very best reason is to get revenge upon the creatures who you are about to dine on. If insects and bugs are forever trying to eat you or your hard worked for garden produce then just maybe you should turn the tables and scare the daylights out of them. Bite back at the bugs who have been bugging you.

Edible Insects are Helping to Provide Hunger Relief in Laos

Zingy, zesty, these are real bugs that you can eat as food. Why let bugs bug you when you can really bug the heck out of them. Get these insects out of the garden and crunch back on them. Insects are gross food at its very best. Slippery slimy crunchy munchy little insects flutter around us. Would you, could you, chow down on the bugs that irritate you?

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