Searching for beverage tips, recipe ideas, or nutritional facts? One of these articles may be the one you are seeking.

Iced Green Tea Recipe: 
It is easy and oh so very economical to make your own iced tea. If you can make regular tea then you make it cold too. This recipe will work for black, green, or herbal iced tea. Feel free to use your favorite tea.

How to Host a Tea Party: 
Tea parties are delightfully no matter the season or the occasion. There are so many ways to theme one that each is an adventure all its own. From High Tea to a Mad Hatter Tea Party these tips may help to make yours the go to event in your area.

Negative Effects of Green Tea: Interactions with green tea are rare but for some individuals they do occur. As with most safe things when used in excess it can be detrimental to your health. Today potent supplements and herbal remedies increase the amount that some people ingest.

Recycling Your Green Tea Leaves: Antioxidant rich and a powerful antibacterial there are many ways to reuse those leftover tea leaves for personal care, beauty, or household use. As an air freshener they work very well and once dried they can be made into potpourri or sprinkled into kitty's litter box. These leaves have many uses do don't throw them away.

Recycling Used Coffee Grounds: There are a lot of grinds being tossed into the trash when they don't have to be. There are many uses for these old grounds and composting them is only method of repurposing them, which by the way is so easy to do. Just sprinkle the used coffee grounds over the top of your lawn or garden and the next rain will help pull the nutrition down into the ground.