Gross Halloween Meal Party Food Ideas

Wondering what to serve up to your family and friends for Halloween? For this holiday the more gruesome the meal the better it tastes. 

Wriggling, writhing, sticky, spooky, and fun food for this occasion won't put your guests on the run. It's expected. This is the perfect time of year to bring out the edible worms, coloured food dye and that overly creative imagination that you have been saving for just such an occasion. It is time to prepare some highly unusual meals for All-Hallows-Eve. The stranger the food the more it has the potential to knock the socks off the ghosts and goblins who will be dining at your home on this eerily spooky evening. Hang up the sign that says BEWARE and advise your guests to eat this food with care. Let's cook up some scary gross Halloween food.

It is truly amazing what a wee smidge of imagination can do to our everyday food. Chicken wings which are a pretty standard finger food can easily be transformed into Bat Wings simply by labeling them as such. A traditional baked turkey can be labeled as Buzzard on the buffet table and be one of the most popular foods there. Halloween also gives new meaning to the appearance of sweet and sour spareribs on the table. Darkening these meats with teriyaki or soy sauce can help to emphasize the transformation.

Pigs in a blanket can easily be manipulated into miniature mummies while meatloaf can easily transform into a rotting hand or foot. Meatloaf is amazing. You can do all kinds of weird and wonderful things to it. I fed my gruesome mummy meatloaf creation to my grandkids and they loved it.

With a specialty Halloween mold or cake pan you can magically transform salads, gelatine, meat loaf, cookies, cake, casseroles, and many other foods into nightmarishly freaky meals. It truly is out and out right scary what can happen to your food around Halloween and creativity is the key. 

Common foods we often consume in our meals can be barely recognizable come Halloween night and if you are even a little imaginative this destruction of your mealtime food can happen faster than the shake of a pepper container.

There are some foods and beverages that are much easier to manipulate than others. Foods that are pliable, have a strange colour to begin with or that just naturally gross out the family on any average day actually make great foods for this occasion. Hamburger, casseroles, soup, cake, cookies, meat bones, sausages, homemade buns, gelatine, rice, and noodles are a few foods that are quite easy to get creative withTake a moment to envision the last ham bone you had sitting on your kitchen table, and you get the picture. Then there are all the spooky things that you can do with spareribs, baked fish, or head cheese (which I never really liked on a good day). It gives me chills just thinking about it. Oh by the way, did you know that thinly sliced ham slices look very similar to peeling skin and that if you layer them onto something looking like a body part that this really does look extremely gross (just thought I would mention it).

It's Amazing How Much Shaved Ham Slices Look Like Peeling Flesh

Spooky Beverage Choices: Red Wine and pomegranate juice are my favourite as it is the ideal hue to use for blood themed drinks. With a deep dark red in hue these can be served in Halloween theme glasses, tumblers, jars, or test tubes. When selecting your beverages keep in mind that colouring can be everything, with red, green, orange, and black being the preferred choices for this holiday. Delightfully decorative beverages are pomegranate, grape, cranberry, lime, lemon, black cherry, and red wine. Any beverage can work if a themed ice cube, candy, or other such decoration is used to enhance its character.

This is Halloween and it can be one of the funnest annual holidays we experience if we get a little creative with how we celebrate it. Be imaginative, be creative, be daring in the food that you prepare for your meal. A pink bunny or princess may object to be served up a rat shaped chunk of meat but I am sure that any visiting witches, ghosts, and zombies will be very excited to see what shows up on your Halloween dining table this year. Look below for a couple of my favourite Halloween recipes.

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