Searching for breakfast ideas? One of these recipes may be the one you are seeking.

French Toast Recipe for Two:
An old recipe created to bring a new tastiness to stale bread this dish remains a standard breakfast fare today. Simple and quick to prepare it combines the goodness of milk, eggs, and cinnamon with any type of bread to create a crispy fried toast.

Anti-Inflammatory Egg Recipe: 
Eggs are virtually the perfect food providing a complete protein that is easily accessible to the body for energy. Add in the inflammation fighting benefits of turmeric and ginger for a breakfast omelet that will start your morning on a healthy note.

Homemade Oatmeal Pancakes: 
A healthy twist to the traditional pancake recipe makes for a deliciously filling morning meal. Oatmeal is soluble fibre so will help to keep your system running smoothly. Simple to make this is a recipe that even a novice in the kitchen will find easy to create.

Oatmeal for Breakfast: 
There are many ways to zing up your morning oatmeal to add an antioxidant, protein, or flavor boost. Check out this selection of toppings to see which will be your favorite add in foods for your morning breakfast fare. If you want to get all the major food groups into your bowl this is indeed a great way to create a nutrient complete meal. Start your day with energy.