Basic White Sauce Recipe: Flour or Cornstarch?

A white sauce can be a delightful addition to any meal and for the holidays it can be the extra touch that turns a great meal into an amazing one.  It's a simple recipe that is extremely versatile in its preparation and uses.  Also known as a cream sauce there are two standard ways to prepare a basic white sauce and often it is how one's family has traditionally prepared it that cooks have come to use as the standard for their method. This is however not the correct way to select a thickening agent for a sauce or gravy recipe.  It is important to know the differences between starches and the unique properties and purposes they serve within a recipe. Serving a selection of sauces can be a delightfully decorative way to zing up your holiday buffet table. Flour vs Cornstarch: Both are starches and both will act as a thickener but each does so with its own distinctly unique characteristics. The reason for the differences is in the origins of these starches. Flour is made from wh

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