Iced Green Tea Recipe

To add a healthier twist to your day try going green. If you haven't made your own iced tea yet I am here to nudge you into doing so.  It is as simple as brewing a pot of tea and the truly nice aspect of making your own is that you can flavour it specifically to your taste preferences.  This recipe for iced green tea is ideal for those who are trying to add more antioxidants into their diet.  All those wonderful antioxidants that green tea is so famous for are in glorious abundance in the cold beverage just as they are in the hot.  If you want the health benefits of green tea in the summer months but can't take the heat then try a glass of iced tea instead. You can have all the health benefits of green tea but in a refreshingly cool drink .  It really is so very easy and economical to make your own.  I am here to tell you that it is a wonderfully quick and simple recipe that even a fumble fingers like me can master. As the hot summer sun creeps in put your kettle on to boil a

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