The holidays can be the most fun time of year for foodies. Whether you are doing the cooking or consuming the dishes these recipes have a traditional seasonal twist to them that is almost sensual in their appeal. Pop on your apron and check out what I am making.

Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Turkey Stuffing Baked Pan Style: 
There just never seems to be enough turkey dressing. Whether you want to cook up a pan of dressing to go with supper as a side or need extra to feed the large group arriving for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, this recipe will fit that bill. It's stuffing baked outside of the bird.

Side Dish Tips for Your Holiday Table Arrangement:
With such a wide variety of side dishes available to choose from these many additional dishes can be the splashes of color that add the razzle dazzle to your holiday table. Potato, pasta, salads, and sauces these are the sides that shine in the limelight of a holiday meal. And don't forget those family dishes that mom used to make, holidays are the perfect occasion to enjoy those heritage recipes.


Eggs, stews, chocolate, sweet breads and pancakes Easter definitely has its fair share of delightfully enticing foods. These are a few of my favorite spring holiday recipes.

Easter Bunny Stew Recipe: If you find that you wind up with a wealth of bunnies after the holiday season then this may be the perfect tradition for you to include into your Easter meal. Loaded with fresh fruit this sweet dessert stew is sure to be a hit with family and visiting guests.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Pancakes: Pancakes are indeed a favorite Easter time meal. These breads were made in olden days as a means to use up eggs and milk before and after the spring fasting so these foods would not go to waste. Eggs being highly nutritious were an important food to consume after the fast. Today this meal is still set on the table at Easter as a sweet reminder of the traditions this spring holiday carries with it.


Searching for Halloween menu ideas? One of these spooky fun dining tips may help. One of these recipes just may be the one you are seeking.

Gruesomely Crunchy Baked Rat? 
It's the perfect recipe to cook up for family or friends on Halloween. Imagination can run wild at this time of year so why not take advantage of it. This chicken dish adds a touch of lightly gross humor to this dinner meal.

Mummy Meatloaf Recipe: A little yummy for the tummy for your little ghouls before they head out for an evening of trick or treating. The true beauty of hamburger is the fact that you can mold it into virtually any shape of your choosing. At Halloween this is definitely an advantageous aspect of this meat. Boo! Look what we can create.

Sneaking the Kid's Candy Away From Them: Okay so this isn't a recipe but I figured it was pretty important stuff. Kids on candy can be a little hyped so the theme of this game is to get the candy out of their hands and into yours. It can take a little witchly magic but there are a number of ways to sneak a good portion of their sweets away.

Gross Halloween Meal Time Food Ideas: Halloween is one of the most theme fun holidays of the year and when it comes to food it can be delightfully ghoulish indeed. These fun tips and tricks will help you design some exciting meals for this wonderfully gross occasion