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Halloween Mummy Meatloaf Recipe

Looking for a little mummy for the tummy? It is always nice to serve up a gross, gruesome, or spooky dinner on Halloween night. 

The traditional foods just won't do for this oh so special evening of tricks and treats. So what are you serving up to your feasting ghouls? I love meatloaf for this holiday because there are just so very many things that you can do with it. It is definitely the food of ghouls. 

Perhaps a yummy mummy meatloaf might just be a desirable main meat fare to place on your supper table for All Hallows Eve. After all, what else would the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls in your house expect to eat before a night of haunting the local neighborhood takes place.

This spook-tac-ular Halloween recipe will rock the socks off of the little munchkins residing in your home. It will also have any visiting guests eagerly chowing down on the evenings gruel. It is absolutely a mummy for the tummy.

A Gruesomely Tasty Unidentifiable Meat? This is the Ingredient List.
1 egg

1/2 onion

3 sli…

No Egg Lemon Pie with Oatmeal Crust Recipe

I wanted to make a homemade lemon pie, I mean a real lemon pie made from scratch rather than one from a box mix. So I started sifting through my recipes but I was shocked by the amount of eggs required in a single lemon pie. Wow 4 or 5.

One large egg contains about 214 mg of cholesterol while the total daily recommended consumption for cholesterol for a person is around 300 mg per day. Studies now suggest that eggs may not be a contributing factor in excess cholesterol but I really didn't want to take the risk.

My guy has high cholesterol running in his family and I wanted a healthy dessert that he could enjoy guilt free. So I created my own low cholesterol lemon pie recipe. I designed an eggless lemon filling and combined it with an oatmeal pie crust I had previously refined. The combination tastes great together and this dessert is easier to make than you might think.

I went online to search for an eggless lemon pie recipe but I was pretty disappointed with the results. So being a …

Potato Buns Crescent Style

These homemade crescent bread rolls are created from scratch using a potato yeast dough recipe. There is enough dough in each batch to make approximately 32 large freshly baked buns or 40 smaller sized ones.

The beauty of this recipe though is that you don't have to make all the buns at once. You can bake the entire batch of dough immediately or store a portion of it in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. This allows you to have fresh baked bread hot from the oven for four days in a row. Yum.

The finished crescent shaped rolls from this recipe are absolutely delicious. There is nothing tastier than home baked hot buttered buns and the potato added into this recipe not only provides for a unique flavor but also adds that little extra body to the dough as well. They are a taste of pure heaven fresh from the oven.

With this recipe you can bake the dough or refrigerate it. The beauty of having a yeast dough that you can refrigerator is that it allows you to bake up separate batches of hot…

How to Host a Summer Tea Party

Tea parties have been around for hundreds of years but it is the United Kingdom's tradition of enjoying an afternoon High tea that truly brought these events into the limelight of Social Affairs.

High tea used to be the practice of having the afternoon Tea at the high table rather than the lower drawing room table but in the 1700's this changed. Since then High Tea has come to be a term that describes a much more elegant affair. Homes and restaurants set out their best china, ladies don their finest bonnets, and guests are served a selection of the finest delicacies and most exquisite teas.

So what is the best time to host a Tea Party? Although any occasion is suitable the months of January and June are actually the very best times to celebrate being a tea drinker. January is National Hot Tea Month and June is celebrated as National Iced Tea Month. You may not have been aware of these very special holidays but they do indeed exist and are the perfect time to invite others to sha…

Iced Green Tea Recipe

Recipe for iced green tea? It really is so very easy and economical  to make your own. 

All those wonderful antioxidants that green tea is famous for are in glorious abundance in a cold beverage as well as a hot. 

If you want the health benefits of this beverage in the summer months but can't take the heat then try a glass of iced instead. You can have all the health benefits of green tea but in a cold drink instead. 

I am here to tell you that it is a wonderfully quick and easy recipe that even a fumble fingers like me can master. As the hot summer sun creeps in put your kettle on to boil and brew yourself up a batch. It is a delightfully refreshing summer time drink.

Don't Like the Taste of Green but Want its Health Benefits?

You can use this recipe with any type of tea but because green tea is antioxidant rich and such a healthy beverage I tend to recommend it above other varieties. Green and white tea are my favorites and the ones that I tend to serve in my home. The two tend h…

Banana Nut Loaf Recipe

This delicious banana loaf is so very much more than it first appears to be. It's a deliciously fruity nut bread. Loaded with nutrition it is a healthier option to basic bread recipes.

Economical and easy to prepare how delightfully delicious this fruit laden quick bread tastes. Because it does not contain yeast the recipe cooks up without kneading or having to wait for the loaves to rise. 

Just mix the ingredients together in a large bowl, pop the dough into prepared baking pans, and bake for 55 minutes to 1 hour. Preparation and clean up are a breeze for this recipe. The loaves can also be frozen for future convenience so go ahead and bake up a double batch if you like. The walnuts and raisins in this bread make it a perfect holiday dessert treat to serve up when friends or relatives visit.

 Ripe Bananas are Best for This Recipe
Ingredients and Directions: 
2 1/2 cups bananas. (Mashed over ripe. This is about 6 large bananas or 7 - 8 small bananas.)
4 tbsp olive oil
4 eggs
2/3 cup milk