Halloween Mummy Meatloaf Recipe

Looking for a little mummy for the tummy? It is always nice to serve up a gross, gruesome, or spooky dinner on Halloween night and this recipe fits that theme. 

Traditional foods just won't do for this oh so special evening of tricks and treats. So what are you serving up to your feasting ghouls? I love meatloaf for this holiday because there are just so very many things that you can do with it. Hamburger is mouldable and will take on any shape your creative mind can design for it. This meat is definitely the food of ghouls. 

Perhaps a yummy mummy meatloaf might just be a desirable main meat fare to place on your supper table for All Hallows Eve. After all, what else would the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls in your house expect to eat before a night of haunting the local neighbourhood takes place. This spook-tac-ular Halloween recipe will rock the socks off of the little munchkins residing in your home. It will also have any visiting guests eagerly chowing down on the evenings gruel. It is absolutely a mummy for the tummy.

A Gruesomely Tasty Unidentifiable Meat? This is the Ingredient List.

1 egg

1/2 onion

3 slices of bread

1 stick of celery

1 olive sliced in half 

2 small slices cheese(optional) 

Your choice of spices. 

1 small box lasagna noodles cooked 

1/2 cup milk or 1/4 cup mushroom soup (Your choice) 

1 to 2 pounds of hamburger (Adapt amount to the number of monsters you will need to feed).

Keep in mind that all recipes are adaptable so feel free to play with the ingredients of this recipe to match your taste preferences and also to allow for the number of individuals who will be dining.

Now for Some Step by Step Directions.  

Start with the hamburger. Chop in your onion and celery. Add in egg and milk or soup.

Got Some Meat and Now we Need Some Seasoning!

Break your bread into small chunks and add it into your bowl. For spices I add in garlic, seasoning salt, and pepper but use what you prefer. Mix it all up then put it into a round cake pan. Try to round the top a bit higher than the sides of the loaf.​ 

Oven Time: Pop That Beastie in to Cook
Place cheese slices where the eyes will go and then it is time to wrap the noodles around your mummy. Cook and butter your lasagna noodles then cut them in half and lie them over the meatloaf like a mummy wrap. Cut the olive in half and put these into the small eye hole spaces. Gummy worms and a gaping mouth can be used for added effect. Boo.

At Halloween folks seem to have a hankering for clanking skeleton bones, zombies, ghouls, and a few other exceptionally gruesome things that just normally would not be allowed into the house. There is just something about Halloween that brings out the gross in folks. It's the perfect time to bake up a little skull cake, coffin meatloaf, or some such other delightful treat.

There are some very distinctive gelatin molds, cookie, and cake pans that are ideal for creating spooky gross Halloween evening food fare. These cooking dishes are delightful for baking up something ghoulishly disgusting for supper or dessert. Halloween is the ideal time to gross out those folks who have fed you some pretty nasty food in the past. Oooh crunchy bones and gushy yummy body parts. Delectable! 

Yep, nothing like having a few body parts around at Halloween.There are all types of delightful theme pans and molds to help you out. The great news about owning one of these disgustingly spooky food molds is that you can use it to shape all kinds of foods into something truly gruesome. You are only limited by your imagination so be creative. Being a great hostess at Halloween really can be a simple matter of having the correct utensils on hand.  

So how about some toasty fingers fresh from the oven? Crunchy indeed. Let the kids gnaw on a hand, thigh bone, or foot? Use your imagination and a little decorative garnish to acquire the gruesome characteristics of a genuine munchie crunchie bone snack. Absolutely positively scrumptious. I love Halloween because it brings out the fun factor in folks.

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