Easter Bunny Stew Recipe

Add a delicious new twist to your Easter meal. What could be more delightful for this spring holiday than a great big bowl of Easter bunny stew.

It is deliciously nutritious and a very novel method of ridding the world of leftover Easter bunnies. So pull out your best pot and prepare to heat up your family a great big scrumptious feeding of bunny stew. This traditional Easter dish is one that the whole family is going to look forward to. The ingredients for this dish are easily adaptable to serve any number of people so if you are expecting company it is still the perfect dish to serve. 

My rabbit stew recipe will serve about 6 but you can easily adjust the ingredients to match the number of people who will be dining on it. Simply use less of the ingredients for fewer people and more if you are planning on feeding a larger group. If you are planning on serving a large number of people you may want to consider using three or four Easter bunnies in your recipe rather than just the two I recommend. So pull out your best bunny bowl. You will need it once your stew is fully cooked.


2 apples (diced) 
2 mandarin oranges 
2 cups strawberries 
1 cup grapes 
3 bananas (sliced) 
1 tin pineapple chunks (drained)
1 cup milk 
2 rabbits ( 3 if they are small)

Adjust ingredients to the number of people who you will be serving.


1. Add the milk and chocolate bunnies in a double boiler, fondue pot, or saucepan.

2. Melt over medium low heat stirring constantly. The stew is ready when the Easter rabbits are melted. 

3. Prepare the remaining ingredients. Wash your fruits thoroughly. Do up your oranges, grapes, and strawberries first. Peel the oranges and separate into pieces, separate grapes from the stem, and slice strawberries into halves. Apple and banana will discolour once cut so slice them up just before serving.

4. You can serve your dessert stew in one of two ways:
a) Serve the ingredients fondue style with the fruit separate from the chocolate.
b) Combine the ingredients together and serve in dessert bowls. Either way this dish is oh so yummy in the tummy. It is delicious.

Note that absolutely no bunnies were harmed in the making of this article although a few of them were a little worried when I first started discussing my idea with them.

If you have ever wondered what to do with all the chocolate your kids wind up with at Easter then this Bunny dessert stew is the recipe for you. So what will you do with your leftover Easter chocolate this year? I hope you will give this treat a try. It can be a real surprise for visiting guests.

The recipe is a wonderful tradition to incorporate into your spring holiday season. It makes for a delightful dessert treat. If you are looking for a dessert to serve after your Easter dinner meal this recipe is perfectly charming for the occasion. Oh and a little bunny trivia while you are here. Do you know why these cuddly soft creatures have such big ears? Well bunnies are basically pretty peaceful creatures so their long ears are a self defence system put in place through years of evolution. Those big long ears are very good at picking up sounds and especially for detecting a possible predator in their neighbourhood.

A little kindness goes a very long way in making the world a nicer place so pass a little along whenever the opportunity presents itself. Please show a little kindness to all the little creatures who flutter, scamper, or hop into your world. Happy Easter.

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