Halloween Menu Baked Rat

What are you serving for dinner tonight? 
If you are looking for a unique recipe to put on your Halloween menu then you may want to try your hand at baking up a gruesomely spooky meal of rat. It's delicious. I cook my rat in a seasoned coating, bake it in the oven, and serve it up all nice and crispy crunchy hot. This meaty recipe can also be very tasty when it is served up barbecued or skewered like a Shish Kabob. Delicious nutritious and just a little stringy on the tail rat is the ideal food to gross out your Halloween guests. If you are looking for a spooky dinner recipe for Halloween then this twisted food just might be it.

You can serve cooked rat to your family at a Fear Factor party or for a fancy Halloween buffet dinner. It is so very yummy good. Hunting Rats? These inquisitive little rodents have a tendency to hide if they think that you have some devious alternative motive for inviting them over for supper. Fortunately their tails are a dead give away. Rats are not known to be ingenious enough to tuck their long tail into hiding so you can often follow the tail trail.

Excuse Me But Did Somebody Say You Were Going to Eat a Rat?
The rats in this recipe are actually large chicken breasts that are cut in two from left corner to right corner so they are triangular in shape. You can also cut the breasts in halves across the length and the rats come out looking great like that too. Smaller chicken breasts I just left as they are and they still look delightfully like fat little mice.

The rat's tail is a strand of spaghetti. When it is tucked under the chicken breast it adheres onto it during the cooking. The finish result look just like cooked rats although there were a couple that looked a little mousy. I fed those meaty little appetizer like tidbits to my grandkids.

I Cook This Halloween Meal Using Chicken as the Rat Meat.

Some days just start off weird and get stranger from there. So I was staring at the fridge trying to decide what to have for supper when the idea popped into my head. Halloween was getting close. What else can I say?

So I Phoned up my Daughter and Said..."Hon let's make some rats for supper." You have to know my daughter because she didn't ask a single solitary question she just replied, "Okay".

So my daughter and I put our creative minds together and decided to try to create a rat recipe that would be perfect for Halloween. We made a few mistakes in the design first time around but eventually got it all figured out. We cut the chicken straight down the middle instead of in a triangular shape (duh) and then we stuck our tails coming out the wrong end of our rats, oh drat. Fortunately the tails got turned around before they hit the oven and the rats came out pretty tasty in the end result.

Looks like a rat, smells like a cooked rat might smell but tastes absolutely delicious cause it really is seasoned baked chicken. My grandkids were at school while we were cooking so when their mom announced they were having baked rat for Halloween supper they were more than a little skeptical on what that would taste like. We didn't keep them in suspense too long though and I swear on a stack of my best old dictionaries that after the grandkids got over the initial shock they were pretty enthusiastic about their rather different dinner feast.​ 

Baked Rat? It's easier to make than you might think. Rats can be a little difficult to catch as they generally move around a room much faster than we do but this bunch are pre-bagged for you. It's a truly unique treat for the evening meal.

Ingredients for this rat recipe:

*You will require one rat per person (one chicken breast = 2 rats). 

*One box of chicken seasoning (your choice in brand).

*1/4 cup crushed corn flakes.

*1 cup milk (for dipping your rat in before you shake it in the seasoning.)

*A small amount of olive oil to coat your pan and also to add into your cooked spaghetti to keep it from sticking.

*Cooked Spaghetti (You will serve your rat sitting on top or next to the bed of spaghetti).

Sounds absolutely positively gross and disgusting doesn't it? Truth is that this Halloween recipe for rat is finger licking delicious. My grandchildren loved it (once they got over the original shock of what I was serving them). This menu item turned out positively scrumptious and we all had a good giggle as we dined. Now let's get started or Halloween will be over before supper is cooked. Cook up your spaghetti first. Follow the directions on the box. While it is cooking you can get to work cutting your rats.

Baked Rat You Say...? Usually One Would Not Invite a Rat to Dinner

Rats are generally not too impressed with being invited to Halloween dinner but then of course what can one expect from a rat.

Rodents make for great Halloween decorations but really are terrible dinner guests. (Bad mannered you know. They get into everything.)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and in about an hour you'll have nice big fat rats all crispy crunchy and ready to eat. For added effect you can skewer your rats with wood or metal skewers and serve them up that way. A truly fine food for Halloween supper. Combine your chicken seasoning and bread crumbs in a bag. Dunk the rats in and shake. Then lay your rats out on a cookie pan. You will add the tails 5 to 10 minutes before the meat is finished cookingTuck a strand of spaghetti under the fat bottom section of each of the rats. Tuck it in nice and deep and it will glue in there as your rat cooks. 

Rats going into the oven - Rats coming out of the oven.
Ha but there really is nothing quite like rat to make your tummy rumble in anticipation. Gross foods generally leave much to the diner's imagination. The meal is tastier that way.

Bake your rats at 350 degrees for about an hour. You can tell when they are nice and crispy by taking a peek in the oven. 

If they are still wriggling or squeaking give them a few more minutes to cook. Just kidding but it truly is our imagination that brings this meal to life. If you tell someone it is rat they really will give you a look or two before they bite into this dish. It is difficult to tell what it is once it is on the plate.

Of course if cooked rat doesn't rattle your chain then you might want to try a little baked mouse instead. Some of our smaller pieces of chicken came out looking like little mice. These really did look quite cute and would make a delightful Halloween appetizerWhere Halloween is concerned the mood is designed within the atmosphere you create. Set your table appropriately and dim the lights. Don't forget a delightful little background music as well.

Disclaimer: No rats were harmed in the making of this recipe but due circumstances beyond our control a few of them were given a darn good scare.

Invite a rat or two to your house. This Halloween pick up a dozen or so rubber rats to toss around the house. Sprinkle a few across your counter tops. You'll be glad you invited them over for your Halloween bash. You can generally find a nice selection over at your local dollar store. Happy Halloween.