Searching for Dessert ideas? One of these sweet recipes may be the one you are seeking. I love my pastries and am pretty sure that I am addicted to cookies too. My theory is to bake it at home to insure the best ingredients are used and to share it with friends and family so everyone gets to enjoy.

Homemade No Egg Lemon Pie With Oatmeal Crust: 
When my guy was diagnosed with high cholesterol it set me on a path to creating healthier desserts for him. It took a few tries and a little experimentation but I managed to build an oatmeal pie crust and an eggless lemon pie that is deliciously a little healthier than the standard fare.

Butter Tart Squares Recipe: 
The bottom crust tastes like shortbread cookies while the top is a luscious mix of buttery fruit and nuts. All the flavor of a butter tart with much less work needed to create this delightful sweet dessert treat.

Coconut Oatmeal Cookie Recipe: 
Similar to the Dad's cookies you can purchase downtown but with a bit of delightful twist, this treat is fresh from the oven so the coconut is wonderfully soft and sweet. I often add raisins and walnuts into the mix to give these a healthy and tasty boost.

Brown Rice Pudding Recipe: 
It's a gluten free dessert that is easy to prepare and deliciously sweet and creamy. What surprised me is the texture and flavor with the brown rice. I prefer it now to using the traditional white grain. Best of all this dessert is simple to make. If you can cook rice then you can make this pudding.

Hermits Cookie Recipe: 
An old fashioned spice and nut cookie that can be dated back to the 12th century. I guess when a food is this good it sticks around. The fruit and nut in this cookie help add a healthy twist to it. I love my sweet treats so for me it is a good excuse to have seconds.

Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies: 
A traditional cookie that remains as popular today as it was when we were kids. I love this recipe because the finished result is not too sticky and not too dry these cookies are the best I have found yet. For baking up the perfect protein rich cookie this one turns out yummy every time.

Homemade Apple Sauce: Rich and creamy with a hint of cinnamon this is a dessert that is nutritious and tasty. It is also super simple to create. Even a novice in the kitchen can get this recipe right. All you require are apples, a little water, cinnamon, and a pot. You can easily cook up a large batch and freeze the remainder to pull out on another day. If you are making homemade baby food just skip the cinnamon.

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