Recycling Green Tea Leaves

Don't throw out those used green tea leaves quite yet. Fresh or used there are many household, beauty, and personal care uses for that leaf. 

There are a number of creative ways to recycle and re-purpose tea leaves. You can use them in ways you have probably never imagined.

We know that green tea is a powerful antioxidant which has many health benefits linked to its use but now we also know that the leaves of this plant have benefits that go far further than for simply sipping as tea. Green tea has antibacterial properties within it and this means that the many health benefits that this beverage has to offer us as a drink can also be applied to a number of other purposes as well.

It is easy to make sachets for the bath or dresser drawers. Dried tea leaf placed within small clothes squares and tied or sewn into sachets can be placed throughout the home to help eliminate unwanted odors. You can place these sachets in dresser drawers, closets, suitcases, and shoes. You decide where there is a need in your home to place the them then let them work to help keep the unwanted household aromas in your home at bay.

These sachets can be popped into the bathtub, foot bath, or sink to provide antibacterial and anti-fungal cleansing properties. You can wash your face with one. Soak in a tub or soak or foot bath your feet in the solution. Moistened leaves in a warm cloth can be used also as a facial scrub to help reduce the symptoms of acne. Green Tea has many household uses.

They can be used as potpourri to absorb odors or fragrance a room. Sun dry the used leaves by placing them in a shallow pan or baking dish and setting them out on your patio on a nice warm day. If it is winter they can still be dried by placing them in front of a sunny window or in some other warm area of your home.

Tea leaves have the ability to absorb odors and bacteria much alike household baking soda so you can use the dry used tea leaf where ever you might otherwise have used baking soda to eliminate lingering smells. Fresh or used leaf can be placed in a bowl and set inside of the refrigerator or freezer to absorb odors that accumulate there. They can also be sprinkled on carpets where they will absorb any unpleasant carpet smells that may be hiding there. Just vacuum the leaves up.

Cats are cute but their box can often leave much to be desired. The dried tea leaves can be used to help control these unwanted pet smells. Sprinkled into your cats litter pan it can help to eliminate any unwelcome aromas that emanate from that area of the home.

The leaf can also be used to add fragrance to a room or as decorative potpourri. Place the dried green tea leaves out in an attractive dish or potpourri pot to add charm and aroma to any room in your house. They will quietly absorb unpleasant household scents. During summer months these leaves can also be burned like incense to fragrance a room or to create an effective mosquito repellent.

Don't throw away your used green tea liquid or leaves. Their usefulness is not over yet. These items can be recycled to serve a new purpose in a number of common household jobs. There is a wealth of health benefits folded within those leaves. The antibacterial properties of green tea work just as well when used externally as when taken internally and manufacturers are taking advantage of this new knowledge.

This is why the amazing antibacterial properties within Green Tea are now available in many commercially prepared cleaning products. It is natural and it works. If you haven't noticed green tea cleaning products at your local stores then just take a little stroll through your grocery store. You will be amazed at exactly how many everyday cleaning products now contain the natural health benefits and antibacterial properties that green tea has to offer.

One of the nicest reasons to use green tea though is that it an environmentally friendly product. Which means it is so much kinder to our environment if you use green tea for your cleaning than harsher cleaning agents. It is now even being trial run by scientists at Ventana Research, Pace Technologies and the University of Arizona as an environmentally safe cleaning product for computer hard drives. These computer parts were cleaned in the past with very toxic and expensive to dispose of chemicals but Green Tea may be able to provide a much safer solution for future generations to come. 

Green tea can now be found in many household cleaning products, air filtering products, and personal care products sold at your local supermarket and department store. Save your spray bottles and replace chemical cleaning solutions with your own handmade cleaning solution. The good news is that you can easily make your own green tea cleaning solution. It is an all natural household cleaning solution and a recipe that is actually quite easy to prepare. If you have cold left over tea you can use it. This natural mixture can be used as a cleaning solution or as an effective gargle to eliminate bad breath and kill the bacteria that cause it. It is multi-purpose.

Be Eco-Friendly - Go Green 

Simply steep about 1/2 cup of green tea leaves or 5 teabags of green tea in one quart of boiling water for fifteen minutes. Drain off the liquid and store it in your refrigerator till you are ready to use it. This solution has many uses in the home. It's an environmentally friendly antibacterial cleaning spray you can easily spray onto your countertops, table, sinks, tub, or stove. Then easily wipe off excess moisture with a damp cloth. The tea solution will not only clean but it will also help to kill bacteria as well.

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